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Latifa Mkwawa

  • Virtual Task Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Proofreader
  • Inbox Manager

About Me

About My Business & Skills

Hi there! It’s a pleasure to virtually meet you

Is it socially acceptable (in the business sense) to call me a boundary dweller? Well, it’s the closest terms that define what I do and who I am. I’ve always been fascinated by learning, growth, and simply put just having the ability to be agile and able to do more than one thing. At times we all wish we had an extra brain, pair of hands, or extra time just so we can get things done. Therefore, this is why I thought about finding a way to help people fill in some of these blanks and have fun with it while I’m at it.

I’m a Tanzanian professional (operations go-to person, boundary dweller and creativity + growth enthusiast) with more than 5 years of experience being part of the corporate world.

The Problem – Why I’d like to help?
It’s never easy being able to resonate with what one struggles with to get any project or business started. There are those that jump in with both feet whilst others want to plan meticulously and then start. One can say timing is everything but your time is your own.

Benefits of Working with Me:
○ Experience/ expertise received from working virtually as well as skillset acquired whilst working in-person in the corporate world.
○ Knowledge – acquired both informally (through working with different people) and formally (from work experience as well as my educational background in corporate law and acquiring a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
○ Self-discipline, in my ability to work independently and within a team
○ Commitment to delivering positive results timeously and at the same time building and sustaining a great work relationship with my clients.
○ A can-do attitude that highlights my value of serving others and being responsive.

○ Enhanced performance.
○ Increased productivity.
○ Seamless business process improvement.

Above this professional persona, I’m God’s child, a daughter, sister, an aunt, a friend, a bookworm, an author, growth and creativity enthusiast (which includes being a paper crafter), a lover of stars, the beach rain and breathtakingly painted skies. You might have gathered, I love staying on my toes. I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, singing and traveling whenever I can. Connecting with individuals on a deeper level, having conversations or getting involved in impactful projects that are thought provoking, has thus far gained me a lot of exposure.

Do you need an easier workflow? Want to chat for a bit about what I can do for you or simply just have a sounding board for your ideas and creative side? 
Need help so that you can focus on the bigger picture & do what you love?
Email, Inbox me through here or book a brief call with me.

I can not wait to hear about your journey and business. 

Critical Thinking and Decision making 93%

Business Process Improvement 95%

Planning, Directing and Executing 95%

Effective and Efficient Communication 94%



Need help ensuring you are where you’re needed? And, on time? This meeting set-up/ coordinator service might just be for you.


Spend less time fixing editorial, grammatical and spelling errors in all written pieces of your work.

project icon

Virtual Project and Task Management

‘Level up’ project deliverables within your small team. Focus on the ‘finish line’ to your business, without having a headache about your daily tasks. Bridge the gaps between team and time management.



Allow your target audience catch a glimpse of the value created by your business through words. Share your vision, and let's put a bit of colour in to the writing of it.

Inbox Management

Say “no no” to missing important emails and always having a full unfiltered inbox. Address multiple tasks that fall through the cracks daily and respond to your clients on time.

Website Design

Have an online platform with resourceful information through which your target customers can relate and communicate with you.


Choose the perfect plan

Feel free to play around with the services below or enquire about more solutions that will fit your type of business challenges. Kindly reach out to me for rates converted to your preferred currency/ location.

Note: Proofreading services (if required separately) are charged per page – with minimum turn around time being within 24 hours.










Most frequent questions and answers

1. As an inbox manager, I will address multiple tasks that fall through the cracks daily. This will range from clearing your inbox to zero, scheduling, and responding to your stakeholders timeously.
2. As a project manager, I bridge the gaps with team and time management.
3. As a proofreader I correct spelling and grammatical errors, look at the sentence structure, consistency, and overall flow of your work.

Based on your needs and business challenges, services offered can be over and above what’s listed or a package can be designed to suit your preferences and budget.

The minimum rate per service depends on the type of business solutions you’re interested in. However, this differs in terms of the exchange rate in the country of residence. We try to not inconvenience you with any charges or fees involved and that’s why we welcome you to have a seat at our table for a chat to discuss what best suits both of us (i.e. to keep both our businesses afloat).

You’ve been wondering about this part (especially if we aren’t in the same time zone) as much as you were wondering about the cost, am I right? Yay or nay? My being a devotee of solving problems and wanting to rid you of your work headache, my schedule is determined by how many hours you require my services. And once this happens, with globalization and all these new ways of communicating at our disposal, I’d be on speed dial (Skype, WhatsApp, Gmail, LinkedIn, IG, work email, I’m there!! The list is just endless).

If you’ve already made up your mind as to what service you require, perfect! If not, don’t worry about it. It’s no biggie. After you’ve reached out to us, we’ll use the standard way (that’s already been set up) to onboard you as a client, as our first job is to get to know you and your business. This can be done via a brief informational call or filling in one of our forms. By the time we’re done with a call or chat, we’ll both know where we’re headed.

At the moment we accept TZS (Tanzanian Shillings) and US Dollars however, this shouldn’t be a limitation on you as a client as we work which ever makes you comfortable. Payment options available are such as direct transfers or deposits, mobile wallet transfer (MPesa, TigoPesa, AirtelMoney etc), TransferWise, WU and Skrill. There are also other options such as Remitly and Worldremit. It’s really your call 🙂

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Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Core Values

    • Honesty 
    • Integrity
    • Serving others
    • Trustworthiness 
    • Empathy
    • Growth 

    Our mission

    To ensure clients’ workdays are made easier by the virtual business solutions provided, all the while allowing them to focus on their bigger picture of their business and personal life. Not only being visionaries’ go-to person (s) in getting all the nitty-gritty daily tasks off your hands but also, build and sustain our relationship and grow together in the long run.